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Company Name Reservation


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Company Name Reservation

  • Reserve your company name for up to 6 months.
  • Reserve as many company names as you want.

We will need at least 3 different company names. The reason for this is that there are a staggering amount of registered companies in South Africa, thus loads of possible names are already taken. The commission will reject any names that are too similar to an already registered company. This is where we advise you to be creative with your names and be descriptive i.e. Mp Ngcobo Communications.

If you are registering a company with a similar name here is South Africa to that of a company that is already registered, you will need to get permission from said company along with the directors ID and written consent.

Please note that the commission will not allow any characters (@$& and so on). Avoid using misleading words such as enterprise, exclusive and holdings.

Make sure your company name is not similar to any well-known international company names.

Make sure your spelling is 100% and any mistakes will cost money and time to rectify.

All 11 South African spoken languages are accepted to be used in your company registration name, if however you are wanting to a language that is not spoken in South Africa you will need to have it translated by the said languages embassy on a letterhead.

Additionally make sure the name you are going to use for your new company registration is something you are happy with and will make you feel proud to market, don’t settle for something subpar.

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  • As quoted by the commission:
    Protect the public from misleading names which
    falsely imply an associate that does not exist;
    Protect the interest of the owners of names and
    other forms of intellectual property
    (such as trademarks) from other persons passing
    themselves off, or coat-tailing, on the owner’s
    reputation and good standing; and
    Protect the society as a whole from names that
    would fall within the ambit of expression that does
    not enjoy constitutional protection because of its
    harmful or other negative nature.