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What you will need to complete your company registration?

What you will need to complete your company registration?

#1 Complete the application form

Applicant details
The applicant details for the new company registration are the details of the person who we will be in contact with regarding the new company registration, so please do make sure they are correct. None of the applicants details will be used for the company registration.

Company registration details

Company Names
We will need at least 3 different company names to complete your company registration. The reason for this is that there are a staggering amount of registered companies in South Africa, thus loads of possible names are already taken. The commission will reject any names that are too similar to an already registered company. This is where we advise you to be creative with your names and be descriptive i.e. Mp Ngcobo Communications.

If you are registering a company with a similar name here is South Africa to that of a company that is already registered, you will need to get permission from said company along with the directors ID and written consent.

Please note that the commission will not allow any characters (@$& and so on). Avoid using misleading words such as enterprise, exclusive and holdings.

Make sure your company name is not similar to any well-known international company names.

Make sure your spelling is 100% and any mistakes will cost money and time to rectify and will slow down the company registration process.

All 11 South African spoken languages are accepted to be used in your company registration name, if however you are wanting to a language that is not spoken in South Africa you will need to have it translated by the said languages embassy on a letter head.

Financial year end
Majority of companies will make their financial year end February as this is SARS financial year end. We advise all new company registration to make theirs also February.

Company registered address
This is the address which will be shown on the company registration certificate, with that being said please make sure it is a real address and correct. Many institutions (banks, SARS) will need you to give them proof of address that the operations of the company are taking place at this address. A residential address can be used. We advise that you don’t use and address that could change in the near future as you will have to update the company registration certificate and many other institutions details. If for instance your renting your personal residence it would be a good idea to use a relatives address as your landlord might not be keen on stating that said company is operating out of his unit. This address can also be the same as a director’s address.

Company postal address
This can be the same as the “company registered address” if you do not have a personal post box.

Director details (minimum 1 director for new company registration)
Full Names: We will need to have the full names of the directors that is shown in their green ID book and or passport, to complete the new company registration.
Identification number and or Passport Number: The directors’ identity numbers as shown in their ID book, make sure this is correct as the system will link their ID number to their surname. Foreigners will just use their passport number for the company registration.
Contact number and Email: Please note that directors may not share email address or contact numbers. The commission will load the directors contact details on to their system and will send very important information to those email address to complete the company registration.
Director addresses: The same will apply to the directors’ address. Directors will need to be able to show proof of address to curtains institutions. No physical documents will be sent to the directors’ address from the commission or ourselves. These addresses are for detail purposes of showing who and where these directors are from. Change of directors’ address is possible after the company registration.

#2 Check your email

After completing the online company registration form you will be directed to a successful submission page, where by if you need to add more than 2 directors details you will have an opportunity to do so.

  • Check your email, After your successful submission you will receive an email to the email address you supplied in the applicant details section. Access the email and you will find attached the limited power of attorney and checklist.
  • Please print the limited power of attorney and have all the directors sign it along with a witness signature (limited power of attorney gives us the right to complete your company registration with CIPC).
  • Next we will need a certified copy of the directors ID or Passport. If the copy is dated it must not be older than 3 months.
  • Now you will need to either scan and email or hand deliver the documents to us. Scan and email is the preferred option as there is less of a delay in completing your company registration. Please make sure that the scanned copies are good quality.

#3 Make payment and wait for your company registration to be completed

Make the relevant payment amount via EFT, credit card payment or cash. The sooner the payment is received the sooner the company registration will begin.
We will keep you updated all along the way of the company registration:

  • Name submission
  • Name confirmation
  • Company registration submission
  • Company registration confirmation.

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