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Below is the Annual returns submission form. Fill out the relevant company details. Upon submission of the form you will be sent a confirmation e-mail, followed by a formal quote. Accept the quote, make payment and receive confirmation from the commission that your Annual Return is paid.

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Why must a company submit an Annual Return?
The commission requires that all Close Corporations and Companies submit Annual Returns annually. This way they can ensure that the company is still active.

When must a company submit its Annual Return?
Every 12 months after the companies incorporation date.

What happens if a company is late in submitting its Annual Return?
A small penalty will need to be paid on top of the usual fee.

What happens if a company does not submit its Annual return?
The commission will see it as though the company is no longer in business and the de registration process will begin.

How does the process work?
Above is the Annual Return submission form and any person can fill it out on behalf of the company. After submitting the form you will receive a confirmation e-mail that we have received it. Then we will confirm that the company is due for its Annual Return and will e-mail back with a quote. Once the quote is accepted and payment is made, an official copy of confirmation by the commission will be sent. We will also send you a friendly reminder when the annual return is due again.

*All information we receive is kept safe and confidential